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The following was originally intended to be a physical installation with accompanying digital media in site-specific viewing areas. Due to the COVID-19 shutdown, this installation is entirely digital. As with the free-roaming nature of a physical exhibit, visitors are encouraged to make their own journey by navigating the menu at the top of the page. To ensure all media is viewed, click the button at the bottom of each page to follow a linear path through the exhibit. 

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Loketon was founded in 1872, its proximity to the Chesapeake Bay quickly established it as a shipping hub. Unfortunately, the narrow channel between mainland Loketon and its nearby island caused waterway congestion that prevented strong economic competition. In 1918, the United States government acquired the island, renamed Loketon Station, to test communication technologies and the effects of electromagnetic fields (EMF). High security at the island resulted in the spread of conspiratorial rumors, which increased after a sudden evacuation of the research facility. To this day, citizens attempt to understand the deadly malfunction known as “the Event” that characterizes the now abandoned island.

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With dark tourism and paranormal interests at a high, the short film “Loketon Station” draws legend trippers, paranormal enthusiasts, and screen tourists to Loketon with promises of ghostly encounters and film locations in a small town. Many residents who worked as crew and extras on the film share behind-the-scenes stories, local businesses sell tie-in products, and the Loketon Tourism Office sponsors walking tours that highlight sites from the movie and allow visitors to have engaging experiences that bring “Loketon Station” to life. Even though events depicted in the film are from the minds of a creative writer and filmmaker, “Loketon Station” has left a positive economic impact on the town and has become an official part of its cultural identity with promotions and events throughout the year.

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